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West High Greenhouse Sells Plants

The Agriculture course at West High led by Mr. Tripuka has begun selling an assortment of plants to fund FFA. The kids in the class water, fertilize, and make sure the plants are well taken care of. Call (423) 581-1600, text 45109, or come on by West High and purchase a plant today. Below is the list of items they are selling along with the prices:

  • Item 1: 10 inch Fern Hanging Baskets - Many of the ferns are still on the small side. ($8.00)

  • Item 2: 10 inch Foliage Hanging Baskets ($10.00)

  • Item 3: 4 inch Geraniums / 4 inch Wave Petunias ($2.00)

  • Item 4: Annual Flowering Bedding Plants in flats - Impatiens, Begonias, Vinca, Marigolds, Coleus, etc. (.75¢)

  • Item 5: Tomato Plants in flats Peppers (.75¢each/$3.00 per 4 pack)

  • Item 6: Ready around May 1: cucumbers and watermelons (.75¢each)

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