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From Math Teacher to Modern Day Hero: Holding Hayes with Heroes

The definition of a hero is one that can vary with time changes. In today’s society, anyone can be considered a modern day hero. Whether it be Michael Jordan, the Iraqi soldiers, pop singers, and even figures in history. Are heroes really the football players on the field, or are they the hard-working selfless people who may not be nationally known, but make a change to individuals on a basis no one else can reach? Real heroes are not the ones who dribble a ball across a court, or one who can hit a high note, but one who stands out in the community and makes impacts that help shape the future. A real hero looks after others, and makes sure things are handled accordingly. Christopher Hayes, a calculus teacher at West, now steps into the spotlight as a modern day hero.

Heroes always have a task at hand, but obstacles are always found to be in the way. Hayes finds managing work and personal time a struggle, but he stays strong and pushes through. He shared that his biggest secret to success would be hard work and dedication to the students he is proud to educate. In addition to teaching calculus, Hayes is the PA announcer for football, varsity basketball, and boys and girls soccer games. He shared a piece of advice for his students, “You will make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and never look back.” Hayes considers himself to be a quiet person and tends to get anxious when he has to speak, but he does his very best to take care of things that need to be done and looked after. His family, parents, colleagues, and West’s principal, Mr. Jeff Kinsler, motivates him to work hard and strive in his career.

Hayes teaching students on the composition of trigonometric functions.
Mr. Chris Hayes teaches students on the composition of trigonometric functions.

Heroes may be seen as superheroes or the player of the week, but true heroism lies where it is unexpected. It can be in everyday people who may just be walking down the street, or a person who may be in the right place at the right time. A hero may even be a math teacher at a high school in a small town. Thank you Hayes for everything you do for West High community. and for the community, seen and unseen.

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Alec Martino
Alec Martino
10 ago 2023

Finally! Someone writes a story about Mr. Hayes (who I refer to colloquially as “Coach”). Barely a day goes by where I don’t think about a life lesson that Coach taught me. I’m glad to see that he is still the same person I remember.

Me gusta
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