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EPSO Week Logo Contest Underway

The West High Early Post-Secondary Week Logo Contest is now open! It is a chance for student artists to demonstrate their creativity. Students can make a design that shows the multitude of ways that students at West High can earn postsecondary credits while still in high school. Examples of this include Advanced Placement (AP) classes, Dual Enrollment (DE) classes, or Industry Certifications.

EPSO week is a week put on by the state where postsecondary opportunities

available at West High are in the spotlight. These Courses or exams may allow students to gain both high school and college credits. These courses grant students the opportunity to experience college courses before they enroll in college.

The winner of this contest will gain a $35.00 gift card from Amazon. The logo will also be the “official” EPSO logo for West High school. See Mr. Lee Moreland or any art teacher for more information or with questions. Wednesday, Oct. 20, is the last day to turn in submissions. Moreland says, “Students at West High are fortunate to have many different options that will help them build the future they want. The EPSO Art Contest is a great way to help spread the word about these opportunities.”

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