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Wildfires Rage Through Western U.S

By Dawson Hunt, Staff Writer

Fire raging on California hillside

Every year the California wildfires rampage through the state leaving nothing but ash behind. Firefighters all over California are working tirelessly to stop it, putting their lives on the line. Last week 25, people were killed and 100,000 acres burned up total in the fires. Over 4,200 structures were destroyed statewide.

In the Western U.S., there are a total of 78 fires in all the states combined with wind gusts of around 20 mph helping to spread the flames. In total, more than 5,000 miles have been burned by the wildfires. There was even a “smokenado” formed in the flames. One of these fires was nicknamed “Bobcat Fire.” It has been burning since Labor Day weekend and has doubled in size in the last week. More than 19,000 firefighters continue to fight two dozen wildfires. In just Oregon alone, there have been an estimated 500,000 evacuated. In Los Angeles there have been 4,000 people evacuated.

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