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West Welcomes Kielau to West High’s Remediation Lab

Updated: Oct 7, 2019



West Side Story is proud to introduce Mr. Kielau as West High’s Remediation Lab teacher. A remediation teacher helps students who need some extra help in different subjects.

Kielau was born and raised in a small town called Roetha in the former German Democratic Republic also known as East Germany. When Kielau is not working or going to school, he enjoys spending his free time with his family, his dog, cat and twelve chickens. He also enjoys fishing, hiking, bicycling, gardening , learning and  creating new things.  

Furthermore, Kielau enjoys challenging and motivating his students. He claims , “My dad would always say: “There is no problem; just a challenge to find a solution, I live by that and try to teach this approach to my students. I try to show my students how to break down a problem until it is manageable to find an answer with the tools we know. I believe that the feeling of accomplishment is the greatest motivation.” Kielau also stated, “Fostering curiosity is the best way to make learning fun.”  

If one is looking for extra help with school work, Kielau is the teacher. He has a great attitude and outlook on education.

   West side story welcomes Steffen Kielau
West Side Story staff welcomes Steffen Kielau to West High.

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