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West High Student Council Hosts Fall Ball



The Student Council hosted a Fall Ball Nov. 8, and it was a success. As soon as students started showing up, the dance started. The DJ said, “Out of all the schools I’ve been to, this school has the most diverse playlist.” The playlist had songs from the 1980s all the way to the newest songs today.

Student Council served cookies and water. Some other clubs were also there doing fundraisers for their club. The fishing team did a game for $1 to play and you got a fishing rod that had an eraser at the end of it. Then you had to try and get the eraser into the holes to try and win prizes.

Every student that bought a ticket got entered in a door prize drawing would be announced at the end of the dance. West High students would like to give thanks to all of the teachers who volunteered their time to help chaperone the dance.

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