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West High 2023/2024 Wresting Schedule Announced

The West High Wresting schedule has been announced for this season. Below is the schedule.

Dec. 2, at Tennessee High- Border Duals

Dec. 5, at Dobyns Bennett- Daniel Boone

Dec. 8 and 9, at Dobyns Bennett- Indian Classic Individual

Dec. 12, at Rocky Top Gatlinburg- Sevier County

Dec. 19, at Home- Science Hill/West Ridge, Weight-in 5pm/Wrestle 6pm

Dec. 28, at Alcoa- Duals, time to be announced

Jan. 5, and 6 at Tennessee High- Brawl in the hall

Jan. 11, at David Crockett- Weight in 5pm/Wrestle 6pm

Jan. 13, at Science Hill- Fandetti-Richardson Brawl 8am/9:30

Jan. 15, at Halls- JV Tournament

Jan. 16, at Home- Morristown East/Northview, Weight-ins 5pm/Wrestle 6pm

Jan. 20, at Karns- Dan Duggar Duals, time to be announced

Jan. 23, Region one duals

Jan. 26, Sectional Duals

Feb. 3, State Duals

Feb. 10, at Sevier County high school- Region one Individual Championship

Feb. 17, at home- Region one and two sectional Individual Championship

Feb. 23 and 24, at Franklin, TN- State Individual Wrestling Championship

Two Wrestlers Dueling
Two Wrestlers Dueling

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