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Veit Speaks with Morristown West Advanced Computer Apps. Class

Veit speaking to Mrs. Whaley's computer apps. class
Veit speaking to Mrs. Whaley's computer apps. class

Kristina Veit, Managing Operator for Express Employment Solutions came to speak with Mrs. Whaley’s Advanced Computer class. She helps people in our community find jobs at many different places with many different wage ranges. The salaries range from $8-$26 an hour. Welding starts at $26 an hour. Veit also helps people get the shift that they desire at their job. There is either day or night shift but most everyone wants the day shift so it’s a little more difficult to try to find that.

Veit helped provide the class with tips on how to show up and complete a job interview. She explained that one needs to show up early and be confident. Not only did she give tips on how to prepare for an interview but she also showed examples to the class on how she uses Excel spreadsheets in her work place as well as other work places.

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