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VanHool Speaks to West Students



Michel Segers speaking to CTE students
Michel Segers speaking to CTE students

Michel Segers came to West High to speak to CTE students about the new VanHool Company that will be coming to Morristown. Segers is from Belgium which is where the main plant is located. VanHool, a company that produces different types of busses, plans to build its first U.S. plant right here in Morristown. The original plants are located in Belgium and Macedonia.

Many cool things can be done with these busses that will be made. They are customizable, and some even come with a kitchen and restaurant. The average time it takes to produce a bus is 3 months. Morristown will begin building 25 buses per year and eventually advance to 450 buses per year.

Many Job opportunities will open up in Morristown due to this new factory being built. 300 VanHool employees will start out then later on up to 1500. The pay is above the average pay around this area and the benefits are excellent. There will be many different type of positions such as; a full-time nurse, graphics designers, engineers, manufacturers, etc… They are set to start hiring in the fall of 2020.

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