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Student Council Plans for 2019-2020



The Morristown West Student Council will be looking to organize many different student activities this school year. They will range from homecoming events, dances/formals, the talent show, and prom! 

Student Council has some major homecoming events planned out for Trojan Nation. Coming up this fall is the football homecoming. That week many different events are planned to take place. Thursday morning Trojan Nation will have their annual breakfast tailgate which starts early that morning before school and last up until about 8:15. The pep rally will also take place during one school day that week. Many games have been planned out, and of course, the girls that will be elected for homecoming will walk out and be presented on the court along with the escorts that they have selected. Then before The West High Trojans football game starts, they will have the homecoming parade. 

Next, the week after football homecoming, there is a potential homecoming dance/formal set for that Saturday, Sept. 21, according to Ms. Cobb, student council sponsor. 

Furthermore, the events that are set to take place during the second semester are Basketball homecoming (the boys will be showcased), the annual Trojan Nation talent show, and of course the Morristown West High prom. 

Also, student council is going to initiate Club Council starting this year in which presidents from all the clubs and captains of all the sports teams meet once a week and discuss important events/announcements that need to be made to the student body. 

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