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Spanish Heritage Class brings New Opportunities for Teachers

Updated: Sep 19, 2019


The Spanish Heritage class of West High School is bringing a new opportunity this school year that will give a Spanish Class for any teacher in the school building who wants to learn the fundamentals of Spanish.

Mr. Kevin Parker’s classes have been working on a variety of skills since the beginning of the school year. The Spanish I class is full of students who are not familiar to the language of Spanish, and learn how to speak from the beginning. However, the Spanish I Heritage Class is mainly for the students who are familiar with the language.

Mr. Parker said, “We have been working on writing skills, grammar rules, and working on some projects. We are offering a Spanish for teacher class this year. We are working on outreaching the bridge gap between the English and Spanish speaking people to better our school atmosphere.”

Anai Perez Hernandez, a junior at West High, said, “We mainly want to teach the teachers the basics of Spanish, such as the alphabet vowels. One of the things we mainly are focused on is that teachers learn simple phrases for their classes. For example: being able to greet their students, know the subject they teach, and basically be able to build a closer bond with their students. Although, we are still enduring to plan ideas.”

The first meeting of the Spanish Class for teachers is going be held Sept. 30. Anai Perez, Eduardo Navarro, Bianca Ochoa, and Juan Marroquin will be there to assist in this exciting meeting for them. Every teacher and staff member are cordially invited to assist the first meeting. The meet is expected to start at 3:15 P.M. and end around 4:15 P.M. Further changes to the time will be announced on school social media.

Isabel Roblero, Bianca Ochoa, and Anai Perez Hernandez look forward into being able to asist many teachers.

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