Senior Student Body Elects Page, Manuel for Biggest Transformation

Updated: Jan 13, 2020



During high school, students go through many changes. It’s a time when we grow into ourselves and gain independence. Some transformations are minor, while others are mind blowing. West High students voted Deklyn Manuel and Madisyn Page for their shocking transformations.

Concerning the biggest transformation Manuel went through he replied, “Probably the mental transformation. I have changed and matured a lot mentally just as much as I have physically.” Page replied, “I guess I no longer strive to align myself with the majority.” Regarding how these transformations has changed their mindset, Page said, “I don’t care about criticism as much.”

In regards to who these seniors thought should have been picked if they weren’t, Manuel said, “Probably Logan Davis, his hair transformation was crazy.” Page said, “I would have to pick Lily Clements.”

For advice on how to transform yourself, Manuel said, “Well, if you want to follow in my footsteps, grow out your hair and beard.” Page’s advice is, “Just do whatever makes you happy.”

Deklyn Manuel was elected for the senior superlative ‘Biggest Transformation’.

Madisyn Page was elected for the senior superlative ‘Biggest Transformation’.

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