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Second Parent Safety Letter

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

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November 1, 2022

Students and Guardians,

As I promised, we have been diligently working and collaborating with East High to develop a consistent, fair, and safe plan for sign-out procedures using the new Raptor System. While we encourage parents and students to limit the times that they must miss any instructional opportunities, we do understand that some appointments are unavoidable. We also recognize that all stakeholders are looking for an efficient and convenient protocol that will allow us to place safety as our highest priority, and, after speaking with several parents and students, we believe we have developed such a plan.

1) Parents and Guardians of students who do not drive to school must come into the school and check out any student who needs to leave before the scheduled end of the school day. This will require some type of photo identification that will be scanned into the system, and the parent/guardian/emergency contact designee must be listed in PowerSchool as someone to whom the student may be released.

2) Students who drive to school may be released by submitting a clearly written and signed note prior to the early dismissal stating the reason for the early dismissal with signature of parent/guardian and a phone number of the parent/guardian that can confirm the early dismissal. The parent/guardian/designee must be listed in PowerSchool as an emergency contact to be able to serve as the recipient of this call.

Students are encouraged to have their school ID with them at all times. We understand that some students have not yet received these, and we are working to get them out as soon as possible. Thanks again for your cooperation as we transition into this new procedure. We know we will find ways to improve upon this system as we move forward.

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