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Meet this Year’s Student Body President

Gavin Price has been chosen as the 2024-2025 Student Body President by winning West High’s majority vote. As this is his first time in a student body officer position, Price is taking this step with enthusiasm. 

Price strives to make West High a fun environment for current and future students coming in next year. Price feels that his broad connectivity to the student body is advantageous to his position. He states, “I have more reach to all grade levels.” Price has a good deal of experience getting involved in the school as well as communicating with others. He is on the West High football team, on the student advisory council, and a member of the youth leadership. Price has many goals and hopes for improving the student council and West High as a whole. He explains, “I want to make student council more fun, and I want it to be more student-based decisions.” Student body president is not an easy job, but Price finds excitement in future speeches, pep rallies, and announcements. He adds, “I’m looking forward to everything, even the bad.” Many students don’t bother putting themselves out there in student council positions, and this is seen by the lack of competition every year. Price views this participation—as a student officer—as an opportunity that will eventually pay off. He states, “Just do it. You’re only in high school once. You might not see the benefits now, but you will.”

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