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Seals, Lovelace Named Most Athletic



West High is a very sports oriented high school. Many of the students attending West High are on at least one sports team. That makes for a difficult decision regarding the “Most Athletic” senior superlative.

Hannah Seals was voted the most athletic female at West High. She started playing sports when she was only four years old. She took lessons in middle school and was a part of the Trotters travel basketball team for seven years and played travel soccer for five years. 

Trent Lovelace was voted the most athletic male at West High. He started playing sports when he was four years old as well. Unlike Hannah Seals, he has never played on a travel team and his response to the question taking lessons was, “No, I have never taken lessons. I have just been playing out in my driveway.

Lovelace divulged into the sports that he plays or used to play by saying, “I play basketball, cross country, track, and I used to swim a little bit.” 

Seals also talked about the sports she plays when she said, “I just play basketball and soccer.”

They both gave the same answer stating that their favorite sport to play changes depending on the season, but they both say their favorite sport to watch is basketball.

Lovelace was discussing whether he would want to play sports in college when he said, “I would definitely like to play basketball, but I would also like to do track, so I am just going to see what happens.”

Seals discussed the same thing and said, “I want to play basketball, and I am wanting to go to Maryville, but I'm not sure yet.”

These are two students who have devoted most of their lives to sports. There are probably many more students who have a passion for sports, but these seniors in particular have been recognized school-wide for their athletic abilities and their drive. 

Senior at West High, Hannah Seals, gets ready to practice basketball.

Senior at West High, Trent Lovelace, in the West High gymnasium.

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