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Physics students present famous physicist project

West physics teacher, Steven Nease, recently assigned his students a project: create presentations from a list of physicists. The presentations were meant to include biographical information, the physicist’s contributions to physics, an analysis of these contributions and of course fun facts. Interestingly, students chose their physicists from a list of redacted names each with bullet points under the physicist's name. Most students made slideshows, however, Nease included a bonus for creativity for anyone who made a poster, audio visual presentation, etc.

Junior, Christopher Gomez-Zunun's poster on Robert Oppenheimer

Senior, Rebecca Landefeld's airbrushed t-shirt of Neil deGrasse Tyson and Physics Teacher, Steven Nease

Junior, Jeffrey Glover's presentation on Leon Feucault

Junior, Chase Simmons' presentation on Neil deGrasse Tison

Senior, Gabriel Perez-Ugalde's presentation on Victor Hess

Senior, Simeko Carter-Brown's presentation on Hedy Lamarr

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