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Old Fashioned or New and Improved: Electronic versus Handwritten Notes



  There has always been the question, Computer or Paper? Yet there has never been a for sure answer. Some teachers and others say paper is best because the brain must process what to write down. To type, the brain must send signals to the rest of the body to press the right keys in the right order.  Typing notes is better when planning to go over the material again or when writing/taking a lot of notes. Writing notes help the writer remember the material better so it will not have to be looked over again. Many also say that it improves focus. Typing is also a lot faster than writing the notes. Handwriting also is not an issue. Rebecca Noble from Morristown Hamblen-West states “Handwritten notes are better because it is easier to retain the notes better.”  Gaberiel Davis states, “Handwritten is better because it helps remember what you write.” 

As the writer of this article I think that Computer notes are better because I can type faster than I can write and there is no chance of you losing your notes. 

         A 2015 survey by The Learning Scientists on the note taking preferences has shown that the handwritten note takers performed better on conceptual questions. However, on the factual questions there were no differences in the results between Laptop and Long hand note groups. 

Participants in the laptop notes group had more word overlap with the video than the longhand writers. This shows the thought process in the long hand writers compared to the laptop writers. Therefore, the long hand note takers remember the material better and longer than the laptop note takers. 

             A new survey also by The Learning Scientists on Feb. 21, 2019 found that the handwritten notes performed better with no studying over the notes. The experimenters took a second experiment and the computer note takers produced more words in the notes, allowing them to study the material better.  

The test’s results say either way notes are taken in modern society, if the material is studied, it will be remembered. 

Pencil laying on paper
Writing was erased by a pencil.

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