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No Need to Fear, Scholarships are Here

The average student spends 13 years in the American education system. Thirteen years not including any type of pre education or any further education such as college. Unlike the public education system, colleges can drain the average student of any money they have. Some students are provided with the luxury of having a full ride to college, while others are put at a disadvantage that requires them to have to pay their own way. Scholarships are put in place to help students not worry about the funding of their education, these are implemented because lots of students come from first generation college families which makes it harder to know where to start when looking for scholarships.

Scholarships Examples

Erica Gillett Helps Christain Stone With His TN Promise Application.
Erica Gillett Helps Christain Stone With His TN Promise Application.

The most well known scholarship in Tennessee would be Tennessee Promise, which gives two years of free tuition to students. Other scholarships to benefit students come from students ethnic background which allow students of certain cultures to obtain money to help fill their education needs. There are plenty of scholarships based on gender and sexuality, along with scholarships involving students' hard work they have done throughout their K-12 education.

When confused about where students should go for assistance, their school counselors are more than happy to help push students into the right direction. If your school counselor has informed you all that they can, look towards the Internet where you can search and even find blog posts which can help you learn more about scholarships. A great way for students to learn about scholarships available to them in their field of study would be looking at the college they are interested in and looking into the field they are looking to join, then googling more about it. Most college websites give information about the scholarships available to them and if you have any questions, most schools are more than happy to help. For example, all scholarships offered to West High students may be found at

Example of Scholarships.

In conclusion, though it can be scary for a fresh out of high school student to go straight into college, there are plenty of backbones ready to help. Counselors, teachers, parents, or even neighbors are willing to provide you with the knowledge you need to know to access a cheaper education.

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