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New West High Merchandise Available Online

Jennifer Cobb, a Spanish teacher and student council advisor at West Highschool, and the student council has launched a website on Spreadshop for the MoWest StuCo Merch shop. The website was officially launched Jan. 19, 2022. For the first two weeks, there is an available coupon for 15% off all purchases. The initial promo will expire Jan. 5, 2022. They decided to launch the shop with three designs: the traditional W logo and two designs that were created by West High students. Both designs were originally submitted to Student Council in August for the Trojan Nation free t-shirts. The MoWest design was created by Aarya Patel and the Trojan warrior design was created by Keyon McFarland.

The council had many submissions to choose from that they liked. They ultimately had to go with a different design for the free t-shirts, but they liked these two so much that they decided to make merch to sale.

Spreadshop was chosen for its wide variety of products such as shirts, hoodies, hats, cups, stickers, backpacks, and so much more. Cobb remarked, “The process for getting everything set up and approved was tricky and time-consuming, but Spreadshop doesn't actually cost us anything to run!” Because of this, they hope to use this shop for all clubs, sports, and other groups at West High so they can create and sell their own merchandise easily without an upfront charge for them.

The Student Council will also be running other sales from time to time. So, be sure to check back often for discounts and new designs. Anyone who would like to submit an idea for a new design may submit it to Student Council at

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