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Meet Staff Writer Aries Molzon

West Side Story newspaper has many new staff members this semester. One of these is sophomore and staff writer Aries Molzon. Molzon commented, “I joined the newspaper staff because I love taking pictures for articles and journalism is a passion of mine.”

Outside of newspaper, he likes listening to music and fashion. Molzon also enjoys attending his sister’s soccer games. Looking towards the future, Molzon enthusiastically states that he would like to be an investigative journalist.

Molzon is not involved in any other activities outside of school. His favorite subject is history. He has four siblings that he enjoys hanging out with. He is looking forward to basketball games this school year.

Fall Men’s Fashion: Students Use Monotone Colors in Wardrobe
Molzon edits his "Fall Men’s Fashion: Students Use Monotone Colors in Wardrobe" article

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