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McCullough Wins 2023 West High Homecoming

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Audri McCullough and her escort Bricyn Gudger
Audri McCullough and her escort Bricyn Gudger

As a herd of fans left the football game against Daniel Boone High School, an announcement blared over the speakers; the homecoming ceremony would commence in the gymnasium of East High School. Attendees of what was once a football game flocked to the stands of East High School to see the crowning of the homecoming queen.

First walked the Freshman; Kiara Almonte, escorted by Ashton McDonald and Kara Dyke, escorted by Jake Bunch. Sophomores; Grace Ross, escorted by Andrew Gal and Haven Simpson, escorted by Julian Sexton. Junior, Stacy Hernandez, escorted by Ty Cooper.

Then walked the seniors; Desiree Adams escorted by Connor Sims, Maritza Beltran escorted by Ian Roblero, Claire Bolton escorted by Shawn Ehret, Haley Cabe escorted by Drew Cook, Ava Cavalluci escorted by Gracyn McClanahan, Savannah Farmer escorted by Jaiden Charmical, Melanie Gal escorted by Chase Simmons, Bianca Gamma escorted by Halston Lee, Raylie Lykens escorted by Kyan Almonte, Audri McCullough escorted by Bricyn Gudger, Delaney Miksa escorted by Eli Morrison, Chloe Seal escorted by Philip Lotivio and Isabella Swanson escorted by Pierre Novus.

As everyone was awaiting the winners name to be announced, the tension was building off the court and on it. The whole gymnasium was completely silenced. All of the girls looked absolutely stunning. However, when it came to the most votes, the winner of the 2023 Morristown-Hamblen West High School Trojans Homecoming was…. McCullough!

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