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J is for Jones - English teacher publishes Alphabet book

Ms. Leslie Jones, an English teacher at West High, recently published a book. It is titled “A is for Alphabet Tracing Workbook: Practice Writing Control and Coloring Skills. ”She teaches English II, both Honors and Regular, and an AP English Language and Composition class. The purpose of Jones’s book is to teach ages three and up cognitive writing and reading skills. It also includes additional coloring pages. Her niece was the inspiration for creating this book. Jones explained, “...She loves to sit with me and write letters, words, and now sentences! She also loves to play school and be the teacher! Her face just lights up when learning new skills.”

The writing process is arduous. Jones had to work with Kindle Direct Publishing and abide by copyrighting laws and the rules of the publishing company. The most demanding piece of the procedure was formatting the pages and creating the cover for the book. The book’s designs are formatted and organized by Jones, but a professional version of the website Canva was used to create the graphics. Kindle Direct Publishing had to approve this. Overall, this process took her approximately two months.

The support Jones received from friends and family alike was overwhelming. She also looks forward to writing much more in the future. Jones never expected to create a book but has always wanted to write both fiction and nonfiction books. She has many new book ideas but finding time to write can be a challenge. Jones’s book can be found on Amazon with the following link, The book can be found at the following link .

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