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Individuals Celebrate Singles Awareness Day

With Valentine’s Day coming up Feb. 14 students are being bombarded with decorations, couples, chocolates and everything else celebrating love of relationships. Feb.15, single pringles get ready to celebrate Singles Awareness Day!

Singles Awareness Day is the alternative to Valentine's Day. It gives people not in a relationship the chance to appreciate their single lives. Typically on this holiday, one may set affirmations to find a future partner or just continue to be happy solo. Although this is an unofficial holiday, it still serves as a complement to single people.

Singles Awareness Day was created in 2001 out of feelings of isolation from a group of friends. Dustin Barnes and his group of friends decided to make this holiday to enjoy their singleness together rather than feeling sorry for themselves. Even though this was made to celebrate single life, the name Singles Awareness Day actually spells the acronym S.A.D.


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