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HOSA Competes at State Level

The HOSA state competition, Tennessee Leadership Conference, for 2023 took place in Knoxville Tn. Morristown West High’s HOSA members stayed in Embassy Suites, downtown Knoxville. The members and sponsors arrived April 4th, stayed two nights, and then returned back to Morristown West High School April 6.

The first day, the HOSA members attending the state competition arrived in downtown Knoxville to check in at Embassy Suites before preparing for the many competitions that took place. Morristown West High HOSA members then attended an Opening session at the Expo convention center. At this opening session, the over 2000 HOSA members from all over Tennessee were welcomed to the Conference, and had the pleasure of listening to speeches from guest speakers.

On the second day of the conference, the members had the opportunity to attend a “HOSA Fun Night” at the convention center. This “Fun Night” had a game of trivia for the different schools to compete in for different prizes, and a silent disco. The silent disco was DJ'd with music connected to headphones that were given to all HOSA members.

The last day of the competition ended with an award ceremony before the members went back to Morristown West High. This award ceremony was to celebrate the HOSA students that placed. Katie Cranford was honored as State Membership Ambassador of the year and also placed 5th in Medical Assisting. Madyson Derry placed 5th in Medical Spelling. Dayan Hernandez Guareros placed 1st in state for prepared speaking and will represent Tennessee in the HOSA International Leadership Conference to be held in Dallas, Texas in June.

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