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Fun Things To Do on Halloween


A fun thing to do on Halloween is carve pumpkins
A fun thing to do on Halloween is carve pumpkins

There are a lot of things to do on Halloween. Some people will go trick or treating but, they may not this year. So some things to do are decorate cookies or cupcakes, paint or carve pumpkins, a Halloween movie marathon, go to the movies, curl up with a scary book, and make s’mores. A lot of people can just play board games or tell scary stories with family and friends. Some teens can go to a haunted house such as Frightmare Manor. Some families can also have a party when it's Halloween. Another thing is that they can go and visit a corn maze.

Families can have a scavenger hunt on Halloween. Families and friends can also make lantern making contests or a costume contest. These are some things that family and friends can do on Halloween if they don’t want to go on Halloween. Another thing people can do is having a costume party. Teenagers can go to a haunted maze or make scary decorations. Families and friends can go on a hayride with each other. Adults and teenagers can also go bobbing for apples.

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