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Finding Fears at Frightmare Manor

Frightmare Manor, the real-life haunted house of Morristown, Tennessee. Many secrets and plans are to be discovered through the malicious property previously owned by Tennessee’s most prolific killer - Jeremiah Lexer. According to, Frightmare was rated number one Must-See Haunted Attraction in Tennessee on multiple occasions. Also, Frightmare was rated the number six Scariest Haunted House in America by U.S. City Traveler.

With twenty acres of available land all located on the abandoned Lexer plantation, There are multiple attractions guests can walk through and enjoy including the new Lexer Jump, where victims will climb 3 stories high and before free-falling with no bungees or restraints attached. There will also be Axe Throwing, and of course the Nightmare at Frightmare Challenge.

The history of Frightmare is just as terrifying as the challenges are. The history is real, it is not just a story made up by locals, but an actual true and genuine tale. According to, The property that is now known as Frightmare was originally owned by Jeremiah Lexer, a man who lived with his extended family on the plantation. At the time, no one was aware of Lexer’s illnesses, which in turn led to his experimentation on countless animals and even humans. The enormous barn-like structure that still stands on the property is the place Lexer would take people to gas them, experimenting with different chemical compounds, with intentions of sending them into a hyper-sensitive state of paranoia.

The chemicals used by Lexer would basically eat away at the victim’s mind while exposing their fears. The “Mist” as many would call the fog of the Backwoods was made to circulate through the lungs and be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream of said victim. Most times this caused a rage of emotions. Not only was he a renowned serial killer, but he was also discovered to be obsessed with twisting people’s minds. He used multiple tactics and advantages to pit his victims against one another where only the strong survive.

As stated earlier, Lexer suffered from untreated illness, which was later found to be severe schizophrenia and bipolarism. He truly lived a double-life, a plantation owner by day, and one of the most undetectable serial killers in history by night. According to the county record released, Lexer ended his life around three twenty-five on July 5th, 1902 after he finished his murdering spree. He maliciously eviscerated his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and his grandchildren. The bodies were found scattered in the Manor, and Lexer wrote undecipherable phrases, all in his family’s blood. After his rampage, Lexer trudged up the staircase and proceeded to jump headfirst out the window to his death. This is how all the horrors truly began.

Teenagers can now be employed at Frightmare Manor. Kayla Wright, a scare actor at Frightmare stated, ”It’s a lot of fun, I get to do things that seem weird and strange, but that's kind of the whole point. It does take a lot of energy though.” Applicants must be at least 16 years of age and work experience is not required. Work would consist of acting, makeup for the actors, or even both if desired. Social Security number must be known, and be available to work most nights.

Frightmare will also be hosting the Nightmare at Frightmare challenge for anyone 18 years of age or older. It takes roughly twenty minutes to complete, but some, it lasts for eternity. Victims must eat an item, drink an item, and do a task during said challenge. If a person pulls through, all money will be refunded, and your picture will be placed in the Gallery of Survivors. If one quits because they are not strong-minded enough, they are kicked and escorted from the premises.

If frights and fears are your niche, then visit Frightmare, where true horror begins.

Actors from the Backwoods attraction preparing for a scare. Photo credit:
Actors from the Backwoods attraction preparing for a scare. Photo credit:

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