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Every Student Gets Laptops This School Year



This school year, every student has a laptop. The teachers are grateful for the laptops because they use the laptops for activities and sources. It’s a good thing that students have their laptops because they can use them for homework, a study guide, and a way to ask their teachers questions about their homework or test. Some students think they don’t need laptops for all classes, but the teachers disagree because the laptops are really useful for the students. Students can use their laptops a lot. Its helps them get ready for a test or quiz that the students could have the next day.  

Next year, everyone will be receiving their laptops again just like this year with even the seniors getting them. It’s a good idea for all of the students to have laptops because some students may not have a computer at home, or textbooks in classes. Even the seniors are happy to have a laptop because it’s more convenient to use a laptop than a phone for school work. The laptops are funded year to year. After, graduation, students should be keeping their laptops. The students who graduate high school should be able to keep the laptops for college.  

Some students do not like how much space the laptop takes in their backpacks. Preston Huertas said, “Teachers are grateful for the use of laptops for activities and sources.” Huerta said, “Yes, seniors are happy having laptops because it’s more convenient to use a laptop than a phone.” A lot of seniors enjoy having the laptops because they use to find a college that the students can enroll in for when the students graduate high school. The students will keep getting the laptops until the day the students graduate.  

Ian Neilson and Preston Huertas
Ian Neilson and Preston Huertas are part of the help-desk team that repairs student laptops.

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