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Morristown West Ranks Top 8% of Tennessee High Schools

Morristown West High School (MWH) is an educational institution nestled in Morristown, Tennessee, known for its rich academic history, diverse student body, and commitment to academic excellence. With a comprehensive range of programs and a supportive community, MWH empowers students to thrive both academically and personally, preparing them for success in higher education and beyond. Morristown West High School has recently attained notable rankings, placing #2,948 nationally, #37 among Tennessee High Schools, and securing the top spot among District High Schools. These rankings reflect the school's dedication to academic achievement, highlighting its competitive standing both statewide and nationally, while also affirming its leadership within its district.

West High’s mission is to “provide a student-centered educational program, which will promote the enlightening of our students in three basic areas: Communication, Problem-Solving, and Responsibility. In its most basic form, the mission is to provide every student with "CPR" for life” according to the West High-School website. Along with that, West High continues to provide a diverse and inclusive education to students of various ethnicities. Based on the students diversity statistics on, 56.2% of students are White, 31.2% of students are Hispanic, 5.9% of students are two or more races, 4.1% students are Black, 1.3% are Aisian, 1.2% are Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and 0.1% are American Indian/Alaska Native. To sum up all of this data, 56.2% are white and we have a minority percentage of 43.8%. 

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