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Congratulations to Elizabeth Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson

A huge congratulations to Elizabeth Thompson on winning this year's Early Postsecondary Opportunities Art contest. Elizabeth has won a $35.00 Amazon Gift Card, and her entry will become the official West High EPSO logo this year. “I'm really happy I won the contest, even though originally I didn't consider entering it,” Thompson expressed. Thompson is a freshman at Morristown West High School who has a huge interest in digital art. Thompson notes “I have been doing art for a while but I've never really been too good at it unless it was digital, which is my favorite.” Thompson explains how she would like to consider taking digital art into a profession with engineering to become a commercial and industrial designer. Thompson implied, “The thing that interests me most in art is the fact that it could be anywhere. For example, architecture.”

Thompsons art piece she entered

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