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Class of 2023 Senior Superlatives: Best All Round

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Students at Morristown West voted on who they thought to be “Best all Round.” These two students happened to be James Rosen and Jaiden Rohe! Congratulations to these two students for being the best students they could be in their school career.

James Rosen

Rosen, the male winner for this award shares, “I think it is an absolute honor to receive the award because it shows me that people think I am an all around good person to be friends with or hang out with.” Rosen then begins to explain his first thoughts when he heard that he won Best All Around to be shocking, “My first reaction was a little shocking but after hearing all the superlatives I thought it was cool to be a part of this special group.” Rosen is a very involved student at West High being the Senior Class President, FCA President, Beta Club Member, and a member of West High football team. Along with being involved in school activities, Rosen also is heavily involved in his community, “I volunteer at various places in the Lakeway Area, I help with the media at Hillcrest Baptist Church, I support West High Athletics.” Rosen believes that the best characteristics of himself are that he is very friendly and easy to get along with. Rosen’s biggest goals for the future is to have a Jesus loving family, along with a college degree and a decent paying job. “My biggest inspiration is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” declared Rosen. Rosen expressed, “I wanna be like Jesus... Love everyone and be friendly to everyone.” Rosen’s closing advice to students at West High is to “Never ever ever give up."

Jaiden Rohe

Rohe happens to be the female winner of Best all around. “I am so thankful to be able to win this award, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to win this superlative,” explained Rohe. Along with Rosen, she was also shocked to win Best All Around, “I was so shocked because I personally don't see myself as better or best compared to other students.” Rohe is involved in school activities such as being senior historian and also a member of the student council. Outside of school, she is extremely diligent by working at a pharmacy and interning at a real estate office. Rohe notes more of her outside activities,“I also like to workout, spend time with my friends and family, and stay involved at my church.” Rohe describes her best characteristic to be her passion for the things she does. Rohe indicated her goal for the future is to “get a bachelor's degree in marketing, and leave a legacy for her name. "I aspire to do everything with my whole heart, in life,” noted Rohe. Rohe shares her biggest inspiration to be the women in her life, which would include her mom, sister, and her grandmother. “My biggest motivation is helping others rather it's making someone feel seen, smile, or leaving an impact on them.” Lastly, Rohe leaves her advice for students, “My biggest advice for West High Students is to be yourself. We are all different and it's such an awesome thing. Stay true to yourself because at the end of the day, you spend all your life with you, not others.”

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