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Class of 2023 Announces Byerley, Manuel Best Dressed

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

With the recent end of the year 2023, students of West High had voted on the seniors they believed to have the “Best Style” of the senior class. The two lucky stylish students that won this superlative are Charles Byerley and Adison Manuel. Congratulations to these Students for winning such a prestigious award.

Charles Byerley

Byerley was awarded male best dressed. He states his enjoyment for winning, “I was very excited about winning this award.” He describes his style as sporty and streetwear. He enjoys wearing basic colors and he explained, “Gotta have a gray, white, and black shirt on a road trip,” he then added “I always have a chain on.” For Byerley’s go-to places to shop, he shares that his favorites are Plugged In, Boohoo Men, and Thrifting. For his biggest fashion inspiration he answered “Stefon Diggs and A$AP Rocky.” Fashion advice he gave to students is “Don't be afraid to try a new style because you could be a trendsetter.”

Adison Manuel

Manuel, who happened to be the female winner for best dressed shares her excitement by stating, “It makes me very happy to win best dressed because although some days I'm not always dressed up, I try to always look nice.” Manuel then begins to describe her style as “Mature but also chic.” She noted how her biggest fashion inspiration happens to be an influencer that goes by the name justclassicallycassidy on Instagram. Her go-to favorite places to shop are Windfall Market and Co., Altar'd State, and Target. For Manuels wardrobe-essentials, she states “I love wearing mom jeans, and turquoise jewelry,” She goes on to declare that her favorite color to wear is sage green. Manuel leaves her biggest fashion advice to the upcoming classes is, “Don't be afraid to dress how you want to dress.”

Congratulations again to these two fashionable students, Byerley and Manuel. These two will be remembered as class of 2023’s best dressed.

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