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Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones Drummer, Dies at 80

Tuesday, Aug. 24, was a very sad day for avid rock and roll fans. Charlie Watts, the drummer for the Rolling Stones, sadly passed away at the age of 80. The cause of his death is still disclosed. Watts was originally in a band named Blues Incorporated, but in 1963 after meeting his band mates in a blues club, he joined the Rolling Stones. Keith Richards, the leading guitarist, jokingly stated in an interview, with the New York Times, that “we [the band] starved ourselves to pay for him!” because according to the band Watts was that good and important they needed to have him in their band. Watts played the drums for the band for all 30 albums and did every tour with them up until this year, 2021, when he passed.

Rolling Stones logo
Rolling Stones logo

2020 was a year to remember but not only for COVID, but for the influence it had also had a huge impact on the style of many young people. One style that has made a huge comeback was rock and roll. Social media students at West High school have taken on this style, through the way they dress and the music they listen to, one of the more popular bands is in fact The Rolling Stones. With the recent death of Watts and the many new young fans of the band the Rolling Stones, there were many feelings that the students had about his death. Gracie Smith, a senior at West High commented, “I am a fan of the Rolling Stones because I like Mick Jagger, but I was very sad to hear that he [Watts] died.” Many fans of the band and of Watts specifically most likely had the same reaction to the news.

Charlie Watts was a world renown drummer who will be remembered and missed by many. He will live on through the music he helped produce and create and will continue to affect many people through that music even though he is gone. He will be missed by many.

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