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Carmichael, Camp Voted Best Shoe Game

Many shoes have walked the halls of West High. But from the votes of this year’s senior class, two seniors have been selected for having the best shoe game. Alexah Camp and Jaiden Carmichael are the two students that stepped with the most style and achieved this superlative. Congratulations to Carmichael and Camp for securing this award of 2023-24.

Camp is the female recipient of best shoe game. Out of all the shoes that she owns, Camp notes that the Nike Dunk Low SE ‘Candy’ are her favorite pair of shoes. Her two go-to brands are either Nike or New Balance. Camp goes on to specify that low tops are what she prefers in the style of her shoes. She further explains, “Anyone with good shoe game” when finding inspiration for her shoes. Camp doesn’t have a distinct pair of shoes that she wears the most often. She states, “Least worn is vapor max's and I wear all my favorite pairs about the same amount.” When putting an outfit together, Camp matches her clothes to her shoes.

Carmicheal is the male winner of best shoe game. Carmichael’s all-time favorite pair of shoes are the Yeezy 350’s, and he says that this is because of their look and comfort. For go-to shoe brands, he prefers Nike and Adidas the best. Carmichael enjoys both low tops and high tops, but he expresses, “I like wearing high tops but I like wearing low tops more because I feel like they suit my style more.” His biggest influence on his shoe style comes from 2 different Youtube channels. He explains, “I like watching `Sneaker Shopping with Complex` sometimes. `Flightreacts` also has a really cool sneaker collection.” He goes on to say, “My most worn [pair of shoes] is probably my pair of Nike Pegasus 38's in the 'A.I.R' colorway, and my least worn is probably my Ultraboost in the 'What The' colorway.” Carmichael describes his thought process when picking out his outfit by stating, “My wardrobe and outfits definitely revolve around the pair of shoes that I pick for the day.”

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