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ACT Peer Tutoring Program Offered

Nicole Owens
Nicole Owens

The ACT peer tutoring program is held in the Fall semester and is led by a group of students who tutor their peers. The program takes place throughout the month of September. Then the students who tutor earn up to $240 for tutoring three students. Each student who bumps their ACT composite up to a 21 earns a $100 for themselves and for their tutor.

There are multiple techniques that can help bring up their ACT scores. To help the students, Nicole Owens, math teacher, asks them about their ACT weaknesses and she provides their tutors with practice materials that focus on their individual needs. This ensures that all students have each of their needs met so they can improve their scores.

There are multiple group meetings at the beginning of the tutoring program to discuss the requirements to be a part of the program. Owens also let the students know they can come to her room, 609, if they need any extra materials. On average the students increased their ACT on their scores of 2-4 composite score points after finishing the program.

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