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2010’s: A Decade to Remember



West High senior, Tory Layman, when she was little (to the left) compared to a picture of her now (on the right).

West High senior, Hannah Cornwell, when she was little (to the left) compared to a picture of her now (on the right).

A decade is a long period of time which can cause a lot of change for people. To put it into perspective, high school students now were only from 4 to 8 years old in the year 2010. A lot of life-changing things happen to a person in the first twenty years of their lives, so this trend is very appropriate to show how much can change in a single decade.

With the new decade coming, it has many people reflecting on where they were at the beginning of the decade as opposed to where they are now that it is ending. Recently, there has been a trend on Instagram where people post what they looked like around the year of 2010 along with a picture of them now. 

Not only has this decade been a roller coaster for those growing up in it, but this decade has also caused a big change in the society and the economy. The 2000’s were put on record for being the decade that has put the economy in its worst state since the Great Depression. The 2010’s, nevertheless, was a decade of slow, but constant, incline for Wall Street.

The 2010’s has been a crazy decade with many different trends from things like Gangnam Style, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and Planking, to things like Grumpy Cat, Pokémon Go, Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, and Harambe. Every decade in the past has been associated with a particular trend or event. Since this decade has been packed full of trending dances, people, etc., it is hard to judge which trends will leave a lasting impression on the decades to come.

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