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Why You Should Join West Side Story Staff

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

West Side Story is no longer an invitation only class, because of this we have decided to try and convince you to join our fun team next year/semester. Newspaper or Business Communications (NP) is a CTE business class and counts towards the Business Management and Office Management programs of study.

Students hone word processing skills, acquire web design skills, graphic design skills, and develop interpersonal skills both between other staff members and interviewees. This class markets the accolades of West High and features student success. Students also help manage the business side of West Side Story by interacting with sponsors and printing posters.

West Side Story’s advisor, Mrs. Amy Whaley shared some of her thoughts on the program, “Your work is published to over a thousand readers. You better learn how to interview others and communicate in a professional manner. Some Photoshop is learned in addition to crafting fun social media posts.” She also touted the close relationship between staff members.

Our editor, Nina Lin, said similar things about the environment, “(I like) How it’s a small group, but it's always so funny and happy in there and it’s also really calm at the same time.” Lin also enjoys her work on the newspaper staff, “Mrs. Whaley is so funny sometimes you won’t believe the things she says and you can improve your writing skills and communication! You also get to write fun articles such as `Teacher Fashion` and interview other students!”

Aiden McCauley, the most senior member on our team mentioned the “The friends you make and the sense of community you experience as a group.” and also stated he believes the class has helped improve his writing skills.

Among the newest members, the most appealing thing has been the working environment. Jocelyn Cruz, one of our newest members, portrayed this thought fairly well, “The environment in the classroom is nice, I feel like no one judges me in here.” Kayla Apmiwar, another first semester member expressed a similar thought, “I like how we get an assignment due at the end of the week so I can work at my own pace.”

Our first semester members also believe the class is helping them hone a wide variety of useful skills. Freshman, Laressa Andino said, “You meet very smart people and learn a lot of new things that can benefit you with ongoing career choices.” Pepper Porter also said this class appeals to their artistic itch, both in writing and graphic design. There is a real sense of community on the newspaper staff, according to Jocelyn Cruz, “It's fun, the people are funny and nice, and it can help you improve your writing skills.” Hayden O’Keefe also enjoys the writing aspect particularly.

Kamora Hunt enjoys the class because, “Newspaper is a fun school activity to be involved in, the people are super nice, and they're amazing learning opportunities.” Luke Davis felt similarly, “I like the working environment, it presents unique challenges, the other staff members are great as well… If you want to become proficient with a wide variety of skills and programs, most of which are demanded in the modern workplace, this class is for you.”

Creativity is a quality which is very highly valued at West Side Story, one of our new members, Hayden O’Keefe particularly enjoys this, saying that the best part of the class is the large amount of creative freedom.

Former member, Carlie Wolfe had a lot to say on the program, “There really is no negative to joining this class. Not only do students have the chance to improve their writing skills but they also have the chance to improve their computer skills by posting articles and selling advertisements and social skills by getting to know other people in the building via email or in person interviews! I really wish I would have found this class my freshman year and made a point to stick with it all 4 years, it really did leave a positive impact on me.”

If you are interested in joining West Side Story, please reach out to your counselor and Mrs. Whaley at

West Side Story fall semester staff
West Side Story fall semester staff

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