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Why Seniors Become Stressed Their Senior year

Stress is the body’s natural response to the feeling of being under pressure or changes the body may be experiencing. Today, Seniors face a lot of stress due to applying for and deciding on a college suited just for them.

It is no surprise for Seniors to be stressed out during their final year of high school. Seniors are preparing to wrap up a successful four years of being in a familiar setting while also being concerned about their future. They are leaving behind a period of growth and starting their next opportunities. Their courses are getting difficult and more demanding, since most of the seniors are taking advanced placement or dual enrollment classes for credits towards college classes. Some are obsessed with preparing for college while managing their social life and school work on the side, so the pressure on them is very high.

With having an obligation to prepare for college, some Seniors are applying for multiple colleges to ensure them a spot somewhere. If accepted to multiple colleges, the choices can be overwhelming to them. Seniors are concerned about making the wrong decision because they want to have an amazing experience while attending college. Without choosing the right college, Seniors could struggle while spending their time there which could make them question their abilities.

Seniors are also dead set on getting money to help with the cost of college, so with ACT retakes around the corner, seniors are studying hard for these exams. ACT scores shape the academic success for high school students. Without benchmark comes the possibility of denial. Denial can feel like a personal failure to students which can cause them to feel pressured to study or give up.

There are many things Seniors can do to lower their stress levels. These things include realizing that there is a college for everyone so you don’t have to be a perfectionist, learning yoga to relax your mind and body, and keeping a positive attitude about yourself.

So friends or family with students who are experiencing high amounts of stress, there are ways you can help them out as well. For example, be a good listener. When they are explaining their feelings, give them undivided attention as they might need a place to let their feelings out. You can also give them reassurance or advice on what they can do instead of nagging them. While nagging not only prevents them from taking the next step, it also can damage their confidence since it points out everything they have done wrong. Instead, just guide them to where they need to be and encourage them that they’re doing the right thing.

Seniors, you are not alone. Millions of students across the United States are trying to Obtain Early Post-secondary opportunities, keep up their G.P.A, get the highest ACT/SAT boost, and simply pick a college. Overall, do what's best for you emotionally, financially, and practically.

Senior, at the college fair in Carson Newman, exploring the many college opportunities
(Senior, at the college fair in Carson Newman, exploring the many college opportunities)

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