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West Welcomes Corum to the Trojan Nation

Emily Corum

As West starts the 2023-2024 school year, The Trojan Nation welcomes Ms. Corum. She is originally from Jefferson City, TN and has a dog named Lucy and a cat named Bluebeil. Ms. Corum is a chemistry teacher who went to White Pine School for K-8th and later attended Jefferson County High School 9th-12th. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and is working towards a Master’s in Education. She is the Club Volleyball Coach, Lakeway Area YoungLife Leader, and she participates in CNU intramural sand volleyball.

Ms. Corum’s goal for her students is to see how fun and interesting chemistry is so they can enjoy and succeed to the best of their ability. Her goal in life is to live life to the fullest potential surrounded by people she loves and that love her. Ms. Corum’s advice to highschoolers is to work hard, be present, stay focused, and always give your best. Ms. Corum’s favorite quote is “The important thing is to not stop asking questions” -Albert Einstein.

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