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West Recognizes Blue, Bevelheimer as Most Dependable


West Side Story is proud to introduce Tariq Blue and Victoria Bevelheimer as the most dependable students. Blue says that “being most dependable is nothing really special.” “However, Blue likes to encourage other students as he stated with …a hug and some positive words of encouragement, and he likes listening to other people.” If Blue didn’t get picked as most dependable, he believes he would have been chosen as most talented. He believes this because a lot of people have told him this.

Blue doesn’t feel that he deserves this title as he stated, “…I don’t think I earned this mainly because I think I got it as a result of being on top of the alphabetical list of names.” Blue tries to make it to school and events on time, but sometimes he does not make it on time.

At first Bevelheimer was confused because she felt that she was not the most dependable student, but it has encouraged her to improve. Bevelheimer always trys to encourage other classmates with her personal experiences to give them the best advice of their situation. Bevelheimer has voted her best friend Cora Oliver as the most dependable because she thinks that “she always steps up as a leader.”

Some of Bevelheimers decisions that show she thinks being most dependable was to be there for her friends when they need someone to talk to. Bevelheimer is usually 15-30 minutes early for school events and school. Congratulations to Blue and Bevelheimer.

                     West welcomes Bevelheimer and Blue as most dependable students.
West welcomes Bevelheimer and Blue as most dependable students.

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