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West Welcomes Andrea Campbell to the Trojan Nation

West Side Story’s teacher feature recognizes the outstanding new teachers at West High.

Andrea Campbell, new West economics teacher, graduated from WSCC with an associates degree in Business. She also received a bachelor’s degree from King's University in Business Management along with a MBA with specialization in Human resource management. Currently, she is studying at Tusculum University to complete her second Master’s degree in Masters of Art of Teaching (MAT), and she will be finishing her MAT degree in December of 2023.

Campbell teaches both Economics and Personal Finance classes to the students at West High. This is not Campbell’s first year at West High. Last year, she came to West as a teacher assistant in the Special education department. Campbell expresses the reason for her interest in teaching. She explains,“ I have always loved education which is probably what inspired me to one, get so much education myself, and two, teach others.”

“Getting to know my students' dreams and goals and inspiring them to be their best selves is very important to me,” she explains. ”I hope to see all of my students be successful, and I will help them in any way I can to make good decisions and push them in the right direction in order to achieve that.”

Besides being a teacher, she is also the co-head coach for volleyball and the co-head sponsor for the Beta club.

The most important people in Campbell’s life besides her students is her own family which consists of her daughter, Norah, and her fiancé, Andrew. Her family also includes her two dogs. They are both dachshunds and their names are Max and Ruby.

New teacher, Andrea Campbell, in her Classroom
(New teacher, Andrea Campbell, in her Classroom)

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