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West Versus East Volleyball Match





The West versus East volleyball match started with West High serving the ball. Three minutes in the game, the Trojans scored 2 points and the Hurricanes scored 5 points. East scored another point on West with the score 7-2. West High caught up to East. West scored a point on East. Halfway through the match, West and East were both tied with 20-20 each but anyone could still win the game. That’s game West with 25 points and East with 21. West won the first match against East. 

Moreover, the second game started with both teams switching sides. East was on the left and West on the right. West scored a point on East and the score was 6-6. So far anyone could score on the other team. Both teams were tied with 10-10. Then 5 minutes later, one of the teams called for a short break. The score was 10-15 with West in the lead so far. Ten minutes later, both teams took another short break, and the score was 11-21 with West still in the lead. East was starting to catch up with West, but they were not able to catch up to them in time. The game second game went to West with the score being West 25-17 East. 

Furthermore, the third game started with switching sides for the third game. West scored a point on East. East got behind West with two points but any team could catch up to them. The score was 18-15 with West ahead of East. Then 15 minutes later, West won the third match with 25-15. East could still get a game on West. 

Also, the fourth match started with 5-0 with West once again in the lead. Ten minutes later in the match the score was West with 16 and East with 5. Both of the teams played really hard to win this match but there could have been one winner. The fourth match went to West with 25-12. After this match there is one number for West and East. 

Finally fifth and final game started with both teams tied with 1-1 and both team were playing really hard for this game. So far in the match, the score was 7-6 with East ahead. East kept going ahead of 12 and West with 10 points but West caught up to East. Later in the game, East called a time out and the score was 13-14 with West in the lead. The game was getting really close with the scores being 22-24 and West scored another point which ends the game with 25-22. The assistance coach said, “We played really great. We got the job done.”  

Statistics for the Trojans were: Assists Katie Wallin 30 assists, Haylyn Long 3. Kills-Nina Hodges 15, Kendall Mattison 6, Carly Mckenna 3, Taylor Simmons 8. Blocks Taylor Simmons and Nina Hodges both had 5, Carly Mckenna and Kendall Mattison each had 2. Digs-Nina Hodges had 16, Katie Wallin had 15, Haylyn had 12, Rebecca Noble had 11, Nina Lovelace had 10, Carly Mckenna had 6, and Kendall Mattison had 5. 

Abby Trent spikes the volleyball at West while versing East.

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