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West Varsity Football Astounds Audience With Sensational Win





The annual Morristown West football jamboree that was at the Burke-Toney Stadium on August 16, has kick started a new year for the Trojan Nation. The incoming freshmen are joining the team while last year’s seniors are going onto greater things.

In this year’s jamboree, the Trojan Nation faced Cocke County and came out on top with a 7-0 win. The Trojan Nation hopes this win for West’s varsity team will kick start a sensational football season. With West High’s athletes showing exceptional promise, one can only owe this to hard determination and skillful coaches.

Concerning preparation for the game, Coach Sanders stated, “One of the first thing we try to get done is we try to break the game down into smaller parts and prepare our guys for every possible situation that they may see in the game. So, our practices are set up: an hour of offense, hour of defense, and about 45 minutes on special teams.”

West High students hope with all of this preparation that it will predict a successful season.

Football Players
West High football players look onward towards game

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