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West Underclassmen Night Proves Successful

Updated: Feb 21, 2020



Tuesday night, underclassmen were given the opportunity to learn about their upcoming graduation requirements and ways to improve their chances of getting into their dream college. Led by the guidance counselors, students also learned about many internships they could apply. All of the topics discussed were great ways to improve their chances of getting into the college of their choice. The counselors highlighted the importance of the Work Ethic Diploma and how appealing it is on resumes.

To start off the meeting, Melanie Justis, a West High school counselor, explained what the counselors are going to help the students achieve and talked about the opportunities the students have while in high school. She also talked about the graduation requirements, recognition, and the advantages of taking AP classes.

A representative from Walters State also elaborated on Dual Enrollment programs. She talked about what Dual Enrollment is and the requirements you need to meet in order to do this program, such as being a rising junior or senior. West High has continually had 89 students every semester doing Dual Enrollment. Dual Enrollment is an excellent chance for people to become accustomed to college classes.

Chuck Carter, the director of Hamblen County’s CTE programs, discussed the importance of working internships. Internships are available during the school year and over the summer depending on the program. Many students get paid for participating in these internships. Internships help students in the fact that many colleges and jobs look specifically for this program. Students not only get paid during these internships but also get high school credit, which is called work based learning. Carter stated, “It helps students test drive a career while in high school before they make a decision to go on to whatever their post-secondary plans are.”

Justis talks to students about graduation requirements.
Melanie Justis, counselor, talks to students about graduation requirements at the West Underclassmen Night Feb. 18

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