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West Side Story Recaptures Homecoming Parade



The Homecoming Parade’s first event was the Air force ROTC students from West High School. They were marching, and they were citing cadence. The ROTC started to march at 6:30. The homecoming parade was on Main Street. ROTC marched on Main Street for the football games.

Next, was the band. The band played music and marched. The third event was the Cheerleaders. The Cheerleaders were dancing.

Furthermore, the fourth float was the freshmen. The freshman jeep had a 2023 sign.

Moreover, the fifth float was the sophomores. The sophomore truck was a class float. The sixth float was the seniors. The seniors’ different cars honked horns.

The seventh float was the juniors. The junior truck was an Alien float. The eighth float was FFA. The FFA truck was cheering.

Last, each underclass homecoming candidate rode in on a golf cart. For the finale, the senior homecoming court rode down the street on a convertible car for the homecoming court.

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