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West Side Story Introduces Skeen



Sherry Skeen loves teaching nursing.
Sherry Skeen loves teaching nursing.

West High welcomes new nursing teacher Mrs. Sherry Skeen. Skeen is a new teacher on the block. Her room number is 436 in the main building hallway upstairs. She attended TCAT (then State Tech) in 1989 and received her LPN.

She then attended ETSU and obtained her RN-BSN in 2010. In 2016 she received her Master’s in Education at LMU. Skeen says, “I love teaching. That along with caring for people is my purpose.”

Skeen grew up in Rutledge but has lived most of her life in Morristown. She has been married for 34 years. She has two children who both attended West High, Ethan and Lindsey. She has four granddaughters and two special needs brothers. 

Skeen loves her pets. She has five dogs (Lacy+ Lucy 20 years old, Tekila nine years old, Sadie Rose five years old and, Billie Bob four years old).  She has two cats, Angus and Annie. 

Skeen said,” The people have been so welcoming.” She feels at home and feels as though she is part of a team. She already loves the students too. She also, likes the family environment.

Her hobbies would be caring for others and spending time with friends and her family. She likes so many colors but at the moment her favorite colors are fall colors.

Skeen likes all kinds of music, and it really depends on the mood she’s in. Most of the time her radio is on 103.5 classic rock. Skeen teachers Anatomy, Health, and anything to do with medical. 

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