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West Side Story Introduces Reed



West High welcomes new criminal justice teacher Dustin Reed. His room number is 433 in the main building hallway upstairs. His hobbies are kickboxing, Brazilian Jujitsu and black-smithing.

He has one English bulldog named Lola. Reed spends most of his free time in criminal justice. He has been teaching for three weeks. He is still an officer with Walters State Police department.

He was an SRO in every school but East High. He still teaches jujitsu lessons. Reed says, “I teach Monday-Saturday.” This new teacher can challenge and motivate students by having the real life job experience to go with the subject. Reed was born and raised in Morristown. He makes learning fun for the students because he likes to give real life lessons for experience for the subject.

What influenced him to be a teacher was that he always enjoyed instructing teachers for the East TN Regional Police Academy. The activities he was involved in high school were wrestling and student council.

Mr. Reed loves teaching his class.

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