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West Side Story Introduces Kielau



  Patisa Kielau loves teaching ELA.
Patisa Kielau loves teaching ELA.

West High welcomes new ELA teacher Mrs. Patisa Kielau. Kielau is a new teacher on the block. When she is here with the students, she is here first and second period in room 360. She goes to different schools. The schools that she serves are Union Heights (still), LHMS (seven years ½ time), WV (four years ½ time) and many others.

Kielau went to college at ETSU (B.B.A), LMU (M.ED) and CNU (add-on for ESL). Kielau says, “I love teaching.” 

Kielau grew up in Rogersville and still lives in Rogersville. She has a husband who also works here. She has an eight year old daughter (goes to The University of Alabama). She has two daughters, adopted already out of home with their own children (foster care).

Kielau loves her pets. She has a dog, a cat and twelve chickens. She enjoys West High and the faculty. She says “they all are really helpful and friendly.” Kielau also loves great lunch salads. 

Her hobbies are talking, travelling, (foreign, if possible), reading, volunteering (community church). She likes the opportunity to teach beginning ESL. Her favorite color is pink. Kielau likes contemporary Christian music. She likes teaching and says no that she does not like teaching.

Her favorite subject is language. She wishes that she could have taught P.E. She does not get embarrassed easily; “I’ve taught ESL for eighteen years.”

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