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West’s High’s FBLA Holds Monthly Meeting



Front Row: Matthew Hart, Kenzie Sprouse, Dawson Woods, Jacob Caruttini, Deklyn Manuel, and Abbey Hopkins. Middle Row: Juan Rodriguez, Yuliana Resendiz, Amanda Miller, Hannah Sammey, Sammie Ayers, Abigail lamb, Anna Brady, Nicole Butler, Andrew Goodman, and Dustin Bales. Back Row: Vito Raimondi, Mark Stewart show off their T-Shirt’s for the yearbook.

As the FBLA meeting took initiative on the afternoon of Oct. 28, members came into Mrs. Whaley’s room and signed in. Followed by this, all club members took a group picture of them showing off their FBLA T-shirt’s for the yearbook. At the beginning of Nov. 1, the FBLA team will be participating in the Thanksgiving food drive. All students are cordially asked to help in this drive for many children and adults who will not be able to have the same Thanksgiving that many of us do.

The FBLA club will also be making a food box and will help promote this food drive. This School-wide Thanksgiving Drive is done to help feed Hamblen County families over the holidays. The major part of this drive will be taking part in all 3rd period classes. “The cool twist about this year is that Arrowhead Church has donated $150 for the top 3 periods that donate the most food, and each of those three periods will be getting a pizza party. Each of the winning classes get $50.” said Mrs. Whaley. The Thanksgiving Drive will be running through Nov. 22, and on that afternoon, all FBLA members and the baseball team will be attending Central Services from 3:30-5:00 to help sort out food boxes for the families.

Competitive signups for the FBLA members should be decided upon each member by the next meet on Nov. 25. As seen, the month of November will be a busy month for the FBLA members. According to the director of Central Services, “In 2018, our Food Pantry served approximately 19,477 individuals in Hamblen County.” West High looks forward into being able to help out even more families in Hamblen County this 2019, and we hope to outbreak the number this year by helping even more families.

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