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West Offers Countless Early Post Secondary Credits

It is currently EPSO, early post secondary opportunities week at West High. West offers myriad opportunities to obtain such credits, with industry certifications, advanced placement classes, local and statewide dual credit, and dual enrollment courses.

When most students think of EPSO credits they think of advanced classes such as AP (advanced placement) and DE (dual enrollment). However, this is the tip of the iceberg that is EPSO at West. Students can get industry certifications in programs such as Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint and as of this year, Adobe Photoshop.

Students in Mr. Miller's Welding class working
Students in Mr. Miller's Welding class working

Students in more vocational programs can also receive certification such as the PMI, precision measuring instrument certification, the OSHA-10 certification and for more specialized fields, several SnapOn certifications, the Welding AWS D1.1 certification, and the Brigs and Straton Small engine certification.

Students entering food service and dietary fields can also receive certifications such as the ServSafe food manager certification. In addition, cosmetology students can receive a Barbicide certification.

Mrs. Adkins' Medical assisting class
Mrs. Adkins' Medical assisting class

Students entering health science fields can also receive an OSHA-10. In addition, they can receive their certified nursing assistant, certified patient care tech, certified physical assistant, certified personal trainer, certified clinical medical assistant, and certified pharmacy technician.

Any student who receives any of these certifications and has a 3.0 grade point average upon graduation graduates with distinction.

More information about EPSO can be found at the following link, courtesy of the guidance office

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