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West Honors Breast Cancer Awareness Oct. 23

Updated: Oct 21, 2019



October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Each year, Morristown West participates in the district wide Paint the District Pink fundraiser. West also used to contribute to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. In the past few years, West has changed donations to give to the Patient Assistance Fund which goes directly to MHHS to be given to cancer patients that are going through surgery, chemo, and radiation. This is not spent on health care, but on all the other needs these local people have.....transportation, rent, electric bills, groceries, etc. It is given to them to help meet their immediate needs.

Ms. Jane Dickerson, teacher, said, “I’m interested in this event because I know and have known so many women that have had to deal with this disease. Also, I'm very fortunate to be a survivor.” This year on Oct. 23 teachers will make a donation and students are asked to wear pink to support this Breast Cancer awareness.